Mainly an archive of the different TV, film, and video productions I work on.

- Television Producer, "MYX-Rated" TV Show on MYX
- Commercial & Music Video Director
- Post-Production Specialist (Editing & Motion Graphics)

Native Elements - “Bigger They Come” music video (behind-the-scenes) - As mainly a producer/director as of late, it’s pretty rare for me to pick up the camera myself and shoot stuff.  But when a very talented director friend of mine who is working on what looks to be an amazing project asks for a favor, I definitely have to oblige.  This is a behind-the-scenes piece of one of the coolest music video projects I had a chance to participate it.  You can watch the full MV here.  

MYX-Rated Episode 23 - It’s our last episode of 2012 and we wanted to go out with a bang.  Behind-the-scenes at MYX-Rated, tons of inside jokes & insults are thrown at each other on a daily.  It’s come to a point where we internally changed the show name to MYX-Racist, lol.  May not sound PC, but the show isn’t built that way anyway.  So we play out a lot of our inside jokes in the MYX-Racist Gift Exchange segment.  Plus, we show what happens when a staff full of dudes work with a couple of attractive females.  Enjoy!!!

MYX-Rated Episode #22 - Let’s be honest, sexuality sells.  So when you have two attractive female models as hosts, who also happen happen to be charismatic and funny as hell, let’s work with it.  In this episode, we have fun with the slow motion concept by featuring the girls gettin’ all sexy and doin’ their thang, while Joey tries to get all up in their business.  Hilarity ensues.

MYX-Rated Episode #21 - The absurdity continues, but we still had fun every step of the way.  In this episode, Nicole joins the show full time, and I coax my cast to take on the dreaded Cinnamon Challenge.  (Don’t worry, I did it too).

MYX-Rated Episode #20 -  Just to give a little backstory, as producer I am absolutely appreciative that MYX-Rated was given a third season.  However, despite the many milestones the show achieved (sponsorships, Telly Award, record-breaking YouTube views), our budget was cut and we were forced to continue the show with heavy restrictions.  No traveling for events and no live performances (concept was later spun-off for another show on Myx).  

But despite all that, myself and the crew decided to make the best of the situation and just have fun.  So what you will see in all of Season 3 is myself, Joey, Keiko, Nicole, & co. saying F*ck it to the establishment and doing what we thought was entertaining and funny (w/o money).  A standout segment in this show, was the “Anything But Beer Pong” challenge.  A stupid slant on beer pong that I came up with that surprisingly my mosts were down for.  It was fun and torturous at the same time.  But nonetheless, it ended up being one of our funniest and most well-received segments.

"Making MYX-Rated: The Season 2 Documentary" Commercial - Can you say sloppy seconds?  Lol, jk.  We won a Telly Award for the first "Making MYX-Rated" Documentary that we did, so we’re doing it again.  Seriously the season 2 run was probably the most fun time I ever had in my professional life, and we wanted to share our absurd stories with the world. (Documentary will be online January 2013).

San Francisco World Series Victory Parade Highlights for Myx TV - I was definitely honored to be chosen to represent Myx TV to cover the historic World Series victory parade for our hometown SF Giants.  With approximately 1 million people squished like sardines just trying to get a view of the festivities, I definitely felt privileged being among a small group of VIPs and press who had the best (and most spacious) seats in the house.

MYX-Rated, First Look at the Apple iPhone 5- Had the opportunity to cover the official unveiling event for the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 5 at the Yerba Buena Center for The Arts venue in SF.  Got some pretty cool insight from my former CNET colleague Brian Tong, who hosts The Apple Byte web show for  

Native Elements - “Bigger They Come” - An awesome music video I had the pleasure of helping out with.  The MV itself was directed by good friend Patricio Ginelsa of Kid Heroes Productions, and produced by Missi Tolentino & AJ Calomay of Xylophone Films.  I shot the behind-the-scenes featurette that is associated with this video.  Currently it is being privately distributed, but I will post it here when it is able to go public.

Voltron - “Work Force” - The epic conclusion to the Voltron commercial campaign I directed.  Now that Voltron has found love with Vampy, he finds himself encountering a brand new challenge, looking for work.  

MyxClusive - “The Expendables 2” - Got a chance to work on this behind-the-scenes featurette on “The Expendables 2,” the action packed packed throwback starring the genres’ most iconic actors, including Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwartzenegger, JCVD, Bruce Willis, and more.  The 80s baby inside of me is pissin’ kerosene right now.  

MyxClusive - “The Campaign” - Behind-the-scenes piece that I put together on the hilarious political comedy “The Campaign” starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galfianakis.

Voltron finds Love - Part 2 of the commercial campaign that I had the pleasure of directing.  In this installment, Voltron finally finds love in the beautiful Linda Le, aka Vampy.  (Written & produced by Joshua Padilla, cinematography/editing by Jon Santos).  Watch Part 1 right here.  

MyxClusive - “Total Recall” - A behind-the-scenes featurette I produced/edited on the futuristic sci-fi thriller “Total Recall.”  Starring and featuring interviews with Colin Ferrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, John Cho, and more.  

I totally remember being obsessed with the original as a kid.  It’s a trip that I got a chance to produce/edit a featurette on its remake.  

MyxClusive -  ”The Watch” - Behind-the-scenes piece on “The Watch,” a brand new comedy starring the likes of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill.  Always have fun working on these feature film pieces.